RedK laptop sleeves

RedK 15" laptop sleeveAll of them have comfortable closures (zipped closure or flap closure) and they are made of durable top quality neoprene. The particular sleeve model in the picture is designed for 15" laptops (meaning it can fit from 13" to 15" screen laptops). The grips on the sides make it even more hassle free when holding.
Its technical details offer you: 5mm thick neoprene, the material also stretches thus it is easy to place and fit the laptop and Shark gill grips ensure efficient handling. Its price is £29.99 and it can house from 13" to 15" laptops. It is also machine washable.

Ipod Touch 3G cases

RedK Ipod HardcaseThe iPod showcase is designed for third generation iPod touch and it is made with a durable rubber and silicone. This case is also lightweight and offers complete protection and a hassle-free access to the all features of the iPod. It also has a tight lock and it is very easy to insert and remove the touch.
Technical details:
-- polycarbonate hardshell
-- protective border made of rubber
-- completely easy access to the touch
-- silicone details
This case weights only 1.1 oz or 31 grams. The price is £21.70 or 35 USD.

RedK brand

RedK offers a variety of sleeves and cases for laptops, including Macbooks, as well as for iPhones and Ipads. The designs are contemporary, the quality is great and shipping times and rates are fast and efficient. The company is UK based but they have global shipping option for 10 pounds, which is approximately 16 USD.

The main and the best thing about RedK Macbook sleeves is their design and color range. Here you will find purple, navy blue, orange, red and other colorful sleeves for the laptop. Most of the sleeves are made of neoprene thus adding more padding for protection of the equipment. Neoprene is one of the favorite materials used for sleeves and cases as it absorbs shock pretty well. You will not have to worry if the laptop falls on the ground. Neoprene also is very easy to maintain.

RedK is offering you a lot of fun and trendy designs. One of the specialities is the reversible sleeve. You can change the look in an instant.
RedK Reversible Sleeve for Macbook up to 15"
This sleeve can fit any laptop sized up to 15". It is made of top quality polychloroprene that provides very good protection from scratches or other damage. The sleeve is absolutely reversible. At the moment the online store has three color options - red and black, brown and black and orange and black. The price for this multifunctional and stylish sleeve is £ 21.23 or approximately 34 USD. The sleeve has a flap closure and ensures a secure fit.