Hadaki laptop sleeves

Hadaki Eva 15.4" laptop sleeve If you like this bright orange laptop sleeves, you can get this one online. It is called Eva sleeve and it is designed for 15.4". The particular size is 15.40" (length) × 2.75" (width) × 11" (height).

It is durable, well insulated for better protection of your equipment. It is fun and costs only 45 USD.

This particular product also features zip closure. Inside you will also find a Velcro closure for better fastening. The color availability is from pink to bright green and pink. This sleeve, as well as other Hadaki brand goods is free of AZO, BDP and BOP.

Hadaki messenger bag

Hadaki MessengerFor those in need of a multifunctional office and daily handbag, this men's messenger bag is what they are looking for. Priced at 160 USD you will get a great looking and practical handbag. Its dimensions are 17" in length × 4" of width × 13.50" of height.

It is made of coated water - resistant canvas. There are two external pockets, one is outside and the other is on the back of the bag - both are zipped.

Inside you will find a magnetic closure pockets and slip pockets. This messenger will hold a smaller size laptop if provided with a sleeve. Available online.

Hadaki brand

Hadaki is fun. If you want a large striped case or a business bag that does not look old and mainstream, then Hadaki products are your answer. It does not mean that adding more color or decoration you will have a screamingly bright or weird handbag, it just means they know how to add a bit of fun to the otherwise dull black and grey type of laptop bags.

HADAKI is a part of a Kalencom Corporation, which was established in 1971 in the USA. They work from Mississippi New Orleans and operate also other plants in the USA and overseas.

The brand's capacity to make fun an functional products have made the brand's name and they now sell their own product to retailers and also do manufacturing work under contracts for other companies.

This New Orleans company surely knows their customer base - young mobile people that have a need for travel bags, whether for business of for personal use. And there is a personal touch in their products. The materials and quality of manufacturing is impeccable. Colors and designs are fun and this brand is also eco-conscious. They make sure that they products do not contain any harmful ingredients, such as BOP, AZO and phthalates and other.

As most of plastic and neoprene products, also this brand's goods are easy to clean and most of the product range is also water resistant. Their products are accessible to the customer in all meanings of this word - they are affordable and sold online. Check out their web store!