Being different - cute cases

When it comes to gadgets and electronics there is not much choice of designs really. People buy Macs to be different, few own the Samsung Series 9 laptops, but overall it is the same plastic black/silver/red color equipment that we buy. With sleeves it is different. You can go crazy and have a special custom order made in any color and print you choose. Here we have highlighted some of the most cute sleeves in our opinion with where to buy information and prices. Please note that this information might have changed since the last update and you should contact the specific seller about the current price, availability and shipping.

Practical and stylish

Ducto High Voltage Messenger Laptop BagIf you need a bag that will serve for more than laptop carrying purpose and if you like military style messengers then this Ducti High Voltage messenger laptop bag is for you.

It is made of durable canvas, it is very spacious and the compartment for the equipment is very well padded to ensure safe transportation. This messenger is 14 x 18 x 4 inches large and has eight functional pockets for storing small items. The price varies but on average it costs around 60 USD and is available in several internet stores. Overall - it has great price and can be used for daily duties or travel.

Alesya bagAnother practical and beautiful solution for women bags is the Alesya bag. Available at www. It is very pretty hobo handbag, and it has a special padded space for a laptop and other essential. If you like the style the purse is zipped and ready to go. This bag is made of leather so the price is higher than for canvas or nylon laptop bag. It costs $265 and is also sold online.

Stylish Macbook sleeves

If you have a Macbook, you probably will not be all satisfied with the typical business type of black sleeve. So we have selected few more extravagant choices for you to choose from - from practical to design over function ones. See and choose for yourself.

The leopard print
Leopard sleeveIf you are into animal prints then the might be of help by offering you a leopard print netbook sleeve. Its size availability is quite generous from an Ipad and Iphone sleeves to 9, 10, 11, 15 macbook sleeves. The sleeve costs around $45.65 and is also water resistant (although not water proof). It is hand-washed. They also have fast and cheap shipping options for international customers. And if you like the leopard product, check out the zebra pattern sleeve as well.

Lime green minimalist sleeve Green sleeve if you want an attractive, and a slim sleeve. At you will get this cheerful green one for 54 EUR (in dollars it amounts to 70 USD. The model in the picture is designed for 15" MacBook. It can be unfolded and there is an integrated mouseRedmaloo sleeve pad as well. This sleeve is also available for other sizes and it is featured in 8 bright colors, plus there is also a make in leather (in brown and black color). This sleeve is a perfect gift for artsy people and will delight the most picky design conscious folks. Just make sure you know the right size of the laptop.

Skooba DIY SleeveFor people who are creative and know how to paint, there is the Skooba Do It Yourself Laptop Bag - meaning you buy a single color sleeve that you can then turn into the wildest fancy sleeve - the only limit is your own imagination. The sleeve can be decorated by paint, markers, in patchwork technique, really whatever you decide to do with it. They have the sleeves in 4 sizes: supersmall is for 12.25" laptops. Small is designer for 13.25" laptops. Medium is for 14" equipment and the large version holds up to 16.25" equipment. The inside for this sleeve is red canvas lined. Closure is Velcro patch. Price is around 20 USD.