HP. HP is offering a wide range of accessories for their electronics equipment, including backpacks and regular laptop bags. The sleeves are a bit less popular part of their products range, but there are some decent ones that are true value for money.

For example, the HP mini 11.6 inches sleeve. It is provided in classic black, has an additional compartment for USB cable, mouse, and AC adapter.

The average price is around 25 USD.

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RedK. RedK has taken more brave attitude and is selling bright colored contemporary sleeves for laptop, ipads and Ipods. If you feel that the color is you way of expressing your style, go with one of the new neoprene lightweight sleeves. Prices are affordable and shipping is fast.

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Case Logic. Case Logic is one of the brands that has had a solid performance through the years - their product is lasting, easy to maintain. Its classic and functional. If you want a case, sleeve, backpack or any other type of protective cover for your electronic equipment, see the Case Logic web page, you will find plenty of choices for business traveler. The color palette might not be the most generous, but most popular laptop models have colored sleeves (11.6 " laptop, for example). Plus Case Logic products have considerable product warranty time.

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Samsonite. Samsonite is also one of the classic players in this field. Black fabric cases and sleeves for laptops are available, together with specific notebook bags and cases. You can also buy laptop tote bags for women or business messenger bags for men from this brand.

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Cases & sleeves' manufacturers

HP laptop sleeveMost laptop bags and accessories manufacturers have the section for laptop sleeves. Notebooks, netbooks, ipods and ipads have become the necessities of life and they require proper maintenance as well. It is very easy to drop the laptop, or ones who have kids know what is the range of damage if the laptop is left unprotected when kids are playing around. Also it is easier to place the notepad in the sleeve during the business travel and place it into the briefcase than carry additional laptop bag.

Laptop sleeves do not cost a lot and they will protect your notepad from scratches, water and other damage that might occur, if you accidentally drop it. So it worth to invest a few extra bucks into a stylish sleeve and no more worries!

So which brand to choose?
The larger the brand with core focus on electronics equipment, the more utilitarian approach will be reflected in the design. Such computer manufacturing giants as Siemens or HP will most likely be able to provide a business oriented laptop sleeves in gray or black color. There will be pockets provided, adequate padding and fine manufacturing quality, but less fun. The most daring of the colors they use is red or pink with flower decorations, which is obviously meant for ladies.

So if you want something more fun, such as Vincent van Gaugh's Starry Night or bright fresh lettuce green sleeve, you will have to look for less mainstream brands. And nowadays your wish is the manufacturer's command - whether you want a cheesy Hello Kitty logo printed notepad sleeve or you are looking for a serious business class leather sleeve for the laptop.